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– Getting into the right mindset: Informing vs communicating, data vs analysis vs insight, exploratory vs explanatory
– Vikram’s USER framework for Data Viz
– Public vs Private companies: Data availability
– Visualizing the 3 Financials statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement
– Presenting financial Ratios
– Revenue and Cost Analysis
– Segment Analysis
– Adding scenarios. AC, BU, FC, TG, PL, PY.
– Enabling comparisons. Delta and Delta%. Peers, industry and market.
– Showing differences and growth. Level markers and trend arrows.
– Clear tables with hierarchies, formatting and notation.
– Visual tables. Heatmaps, data bars, icons, arrows, action dots, graphics, waterfalls
– Financial KPI Cards
– Football Field Chart for valuation
– What-If Sensitivity analysis for valuation
– Slicers and dynamic arrays / charts
– Excel functions, formulas, ranges, techniques, setup and best practices

What you get:

– Duration:
– 8 hours (4 days X 2 hours or 2 days X 4 hours or 1 day X 8 hours)

– Cost:
– B2C: $100, Rs.4000
– B2B: Rs 1L

– Software:
– MS Excel

2. Mastering Data Product Design:


Is “Data Product Design” a big gap in your Product / UX Design toolkit?

Presenting “Mastering Data Product Design” – a workshop tailored for Product & UX Designers.

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This workshop caters to UX and Product Designers working at:

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Why Vikram?

Course outline:
– Getting into the right Mindset: User problems, Inform v/s Communicate, Communication effectiveness, Explore v/s Explain v/s Answer, Structure v/s Style, Biology & Design, Data Product Pyramid
– Data Product Primer: Workflow vs Data products, VPC + JTBD for data products 
– Following a Process: Gather Inputs -> Construct & Flow -> Structural Design -> Engineer drawings (Component Questions + Component Design) -> Wireframes Low-fid -> Wireframes High-fid 
– 6 Factor Framework for gathering design inputs
– Synthesizing inputs into a Construct & Flow
– CSPA framework for designing data product structure
– USER framework for Data Viz / Component design
– Context, explanations, action mapping, Interaction design, “states” for components
– Engineer drawings to fill out the structure and layout
– Low-Fid Wireframing
– High-Fid wireframing
– Prototyping
– Getting feedback
– Practical stuff: working with templates, kits, design systems
– Using ChatGPT to research your personas better

– What you get:
Live workshop with hands-on exercises
Copy of the workshop presentation
Chart and table templates

– Duration:
– 8 hours (4 days X 2 hours or 2 days X 4 hours or1 day X 8 hours)

– Cost:
– B2C: $250, Rs.8,000
– B2B: Rs 1L

– Software:
– Figma
– ChartBoss / Datawrapper / RawGraphs
– ChatGPT

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